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House & Lot (03946-T-214)
Location:Bulacan Province, Lot Area: 77 sq.m. Floor Area: 60 sq.m.
Lot 1 Block 11 Verde Heights Subdivision…
Price: P1,150,000
House & Lot (04498-B-263)
Location:Cavite Province, Lot Area: 155 sq.m. Floor Area: 108.96 sq.m.
Lot 54 Block 2 Avida Settings Phase…
Price: P4,200,000
Lot w/ Unfinished Structure (04465-BAC-144)
Location:Negros Occidental Province, Lot Area: 354 sq.m. Floor Area: 370.3 sq.m.
Lot 22 Block 12 Natalia Street corner…
Price: P4,000,000
House & Lot (02675-J-017)
Location:Metro Manila, Lot Area: 299 sq.m. Floor Area: 186.48 sq.m.
Lots 15 and 16 Block 6 Lark…
Price: P2,900,000
Vacant Lot (03788-DAG-190)
Location:Pangasinan Province, Lot Area: 90 sq.m.
Lot 9 Block 22 PSD-01-055006 Grand Royale…
Price: P223,200
Condominium (03407-Q-015)
Location:Metro Manila, Lot Area: sq.m. Floor Area: 59 sq.m.
Unit 19-L 19th Floor Forbeswood Heights Tower…
Price: P6,500,000
Vacant Lot (03903-SFO-304)
Location:Bulacan Province, Lot Area: 4666 sq.m.
Lot 747-W Barangay Tigpalas San Miguel
Price: P350,000
House & Lot (03904-SFO-305)
Location:Bulacan Province, Lot Area: 1000 sq.m. Floor Area: 257 sq.m.
Lot 3-C-1 Olympia Subdivision Barangay Poblacion Pulilan
Price: P5,500,000
Vacant Lot (04576-ILO-102)
Location:Capiz Province, Lot Area: 80 sq.m.
] Lot 10 Block 2 Tierra verde…
Price: P112,000
Vacant Lot (04141-SFO-324)
Location:Ifugao Province, Lot Area: 182532 sq.m.
Lot 9276 (a portion of Lot 7361)…
Price: P1,700,000

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