Terms and Conditions


1.    Properties for Sale.
a.    All Buena Mano properties for sale are on an ‘as-is, where-is,’ and Offers to Purchase on ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, i.e., Offers are attended to in the order that they are received without other biases and preferences. This shall only apply to Offers equal to or higher than the asking price/selling price.
b.    Property titles (Transfer/Condominium Certificates of Title; TCT/CCTs) are all registered with the Registry of Deeds of the Republic of the Philippines.
c.    Non-Filipino citizens may only purchase Condominium Units, still subject to compliance on local laws and other related regulations.
d.    Property Sales and Leases (PSL) and its Buena Mano Sales Team, to the best of its knowledge, is not aware of any lien, encumbrance, or other hidden technical/legal conditions or defects affecting the properties other than those disclosed (if any).
e.    By submitting formal Offers, all Buyers therefore confirm to assume responsibility for such special concerns and will forever relieve PSL and its Buena Mano Sales Team for any actual or perceived loss, damages, and/or other subsequent liability arising from the sale.

2.    Scope and Applicability.
a.    All sales/lease transactions entered with Property Sales and Leases (PSL), its Buena Mano Sales Teams, any and all of its Sales Advisors, are bounded by PSL’s governing policies, rules, mechanics, and terms and conditions.
b.    PSL has the sole and absolute right to amend or revise its policies, rules, mechanics, terms, and conditions, whenever applicable, to its best interest.
c.    In cases of the need for clarifications, disagreements, or disputes, PSL’s decision and its interpretation is deemed final, binding, and in full effect in all respects thereof.

3.    Offer to Purchase.
a.    All Offers must be submitted in Property Sales and Leases’ official Offer to Purchase form, duly filled-in and signed (front and back). Offers maybe submitted directly, sent through fax, or via email with attached scanned copy of the accomplished and signed form to PSL’s Customer Care Desk
b.    By signing and submitting the Offer, the Buyer attests the correctness and accuracy of all given information in conformity to all PSL policies, rules, mechanics, and selling terms and conditions. Any misrepresentation of information, whether deliberate or not, automatically means the invalidation of the submitted Offer.
c.    All Offers received from Buyers shall be subject to Management’s final approval.
d.    PSL reserves the right to reject any and all submitted Offers, and to accept the most advantageous, at its sole discretion.

4.    Buy-backs. Prices are not applicable to buy-back transactions of former owners. Please contact our Buena Mano Sales Teams or one of our Sales Advisors for buyback prices.

5.    Taxes and Fees. All estimated and/or quoted taxes and fees (such as, but not limited to, Creditable Withholding Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, Transfer Tax, Registration Fees, Business Tax, Real Estate Tax,VAT, if any,  notarial fees and the like) are subject to changes depending on the actual payment made to the corresponding government agencies/bureaus. The National Government of the Republic f the Philippines may impose other taxes and fees that are not covered by those already disclosed/provided by Property Sales and Leases.


6.    Buena Mano properties may be withdrawn anytime from the eBuena Mano electronic catalogue and asking prices/selling prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

7.    Misprints and other publication errors are unintended and do not constitute acts of misrepresentation, intentional non-disclosure, fraud, or withholding of accurate property details and pricing on the part of Property Sales and Leases.

8.    Buena Mano, eBuena Mano, Property Sales and Leases (PSL), the PSL logo, the BPI Group red banner, and the distinct BPI red color are all copyrighted materials of the BPI Group c/o Property Sales and Leases (All rights reserved). Nobody is allowed to use any of these trademarks and trade names, either for solicitation, communication, and representation materials, without the express authority of Property Sales and Leases and/or its Buena Mano Sales Team.

9.    Property Sales and Leases does not offer marketing services to other owners of real properties.

10.    All Property Sales and Leases/Buena Mano forms, contracts, marketing paraphernalia, property catalogs, and the like, are the full and absolute ownership of PSL. Nothing may be reproduced, in part or in whole, without the express authority of Property Sales and Leases.

Only deal with official and authorized personnel of Property Sales and Leases, the Buena Mano Sales Team, or one of its official Sales Advisors. PSL will not be liable for any actual or perceived loss, damage, liability, and/or misrepresentation caused by any unauthorized personnel purporting to be part of PSL or its Buena Mano Sales Team; and thus, all Buyers/brokers/customers shall forever relieve PSL (as property ‘Seller’) of any warranties or subsequent liability in such instances.