1. All units to be sold shall be on an “AS IS- WHERE IS” Basis. The sale of the units shall be made via Offer to Buy at a Buy Now price (BUY NOW BID) or via submission of sealed bids of potential buyers.
  2. No bid below asking price.
  3. Buyers shall make a bid using the specific official form posted on the website-
  4. All bids – BUY NOW or Sealed Bids will be subject to validation.
  5. All corrections and erasures on the used official form must be countersigned.
  6. Corporate buyers/bidders should indicate the name of the company with its authorized signatory’s name and signature on the official form. Should the company submit an offer via bidding, the same should be indicated on the sealed envelope; otherwise, it will be considered as an individual buyer’s/bidder’s offer and/or be invalidated should there be change to have it named under a corporation.
  7. Buy Now and Winning Bidders Requirements- On top of the Buyer’s Information Sheet/s and valid identification cards, individual buyers and their spouses will be asked to provide at least any two (2) of the following documents prior to payment (no submitted requirements means no payment) within five (5) banking days from date of notice prior to payment. Failure to provide these documents within the given period will mean non-compliance and the offer/bid shall be deemed forfeited and the Bank will be free to award the unit/s to the next valid buyer.
      • COE
      • Payslip
      • BIR Form 2316
      • DTI
      • updated Mayor’s Business permit
      • BIR Form 1701
      • Bank Certificate
      • Pension Documents (SSS or GSIS)
    • CORPORATION (all documents are required)
      • SEC Registration
      • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
      • updated GIS and AFS
      • Notarized CorSec Certificate/ Board Resolution specific to the purchase of the unit/s and authorizing a signatory
  8. Additional documents might be required in compliance with regulatory policies.
  9. The process of blacklisting potential buyers and joy bidders/cherry pickers will be applied for buyers/ bidders who back out from their valid / winning bid.
  10. No discount will be given during this period.
  11. Additional guidelines are set for each mode of submission on top of these General Rules.
  12. Non-compliance on the set guidelines shall invalidate the submitted bids.


C.  SEALED BIDDING GUIDELINES [via Email or Manual Submission]

  • The sealed bids will be accepted starting from June 14, 2021 at 9:00:00 AM until June 21, 2021 at 4:00:00 PM. Bidders may submit their fully accomplished and signed forms either via email or by physically dropping them to our sealed bid drop boxes.
  • The official time of receipt for bids sent via email will be the time on the received email while the time-stamp marked on the sealed bids shall serve as the official time of receipt for bids dropped in our bid boxes.
  • Bidders who will bid for multiple units may use one official form for sealed bidding posted on the website- The form may accommodate up to ten (10) units and bidders should use another form for any additional units in excess of the ten (10).  
  • The Nationwide Opening of Bids is on June 22, 2021 starting 8:45 AM. Announcement of winners will be on or before June 24, 2021.
  • The highest bidder with a valid bid shall be eligible to purchase the unit and shall be notified via SMS or electronic mail.
  • Upon lapse of the period to purchase and if the highest bidder with a valid bid fails to confirm or push through, his/her/their bid shall be deemed withdrawn. The second highest bidder with a valid bid shall be notified within two (2) days of its right to purchase, subject to the same general rules as stated. The process shall subsist until the unit/s is/are successfully purchased by a valid bidder.
  • In case of a tie, a rebidding will be held, its schedule will be announced separately.


The bidder may send the bid via email by sending a password-protected PDF or MS Word file of the duly accomplished and signed Offer to Buy Form. The attached password-protected file/ official form and corresponding password must be sent accordingly to its respective mailbox and should follow a subject line format depending on the type of email/message to be sent to the specific mailbox.


Scanned signed official bid form

(password-protected PDF or WORD file only with maximum file size of 1 MB)
Email Message containing the password to open the file                 

Bidder has to use this email subject line format for the scanned signed official bid form:

                                                                    INDIVIDUAL AUTO UNIT
                                        Bid for (Plate Number/Conduction Sticker), (Bidder's Full Name)
                                                        Bid for ABC-123, Juan Mayo Dela Cruz


                                                                    VARIOUS AUTO UNITS
                                                     Bid for Various Vehicles, Bidder's Full Name
                                                    Bid for Various Vehicles, Juan Mayo Dela Cruz

Bidder has to use this email subject line format for the password:

                                                                    INDIVIDUAL AUTO UNIT
                                     Password for (Plate Number/Conduction Sticker), (Buyer's Full Name)
                                                     Password for ABC-123, Juan Mayo Dela Cruz


                                                                   VARIOUS AUTO UNITS
                                             Password for Various Vehicles, Bidder's  Full Name
                                            Password for Various Vehicles, Juan Mayo Dela Cruz


The following shall invalidate a submitted bid via email:

  1. sending of password-protected file and its password to incorrect email address
  2. bids without enabled password-protection
  3. email with incorrect subject line


Bidders must submit their bids sealed on an envelope with a mark “AUTO BID/S”.
All bid offers should be “time-stamped” by SAMS Customer Care Desk personnel or the authorized SAMS personnel in our provincial offices to confirm the date and time of receipt before the bidder places it into the designated drop box.

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