GUIDELINES for SALE ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED November 17, 2020 to November 24, 2020

  1. All units sold on an "AS IS-WHERE IS" Basis.
  2. Buyers should make an offer using the official Offer to Buy (OTB) form for all available cars listed regardless of where the car/unit is physically located.  Only OTB will be the required document for submission to . All other documents will be requested by Sales Officer during the processing of the sales, following existing Buena Mano and Bank policies.
  3. It should be clearly indicated in the OTB where the car is specifically located (ex. BMABB Chino Roces, BMABB Lipa etc).
  4. OTBs will be accepted on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED” basis where offered price is at least equal to the asking price. No offer below Buena Mano’s asking price.
    • All completely and correctly signed OTBs shall be sent directly to Buena Mano by:
      • Emailing a scanned copy of OTB to Buena Mano official email address (File should not exceed the file size limit up to 2MB). Only emails sent to this mailbox will be accepted.
    • Offers will be accepted following the cut-off time:
      • Starting exactly from 9:00:00 am of November  17, 2020 until the end of this selling cycle exactly at 3:00:00 PM of November 24, 2020.
        • All OTBs received via email in between these times, including weekends and holidays, will be accepted and are part of the first-come, first-served sale.
        • The time registered in the email will be considered as the official time and date of receipt of the OTB.
        • Head-Office Customer Care (HO CCD) will validate the OTBs and will render disposition whether the OTB was completely and correctly filled out. All those with deficiencies will be returned back to the sender. Note that the official date and time of receipt of the OTB will be the date and time we receive via official email the revised/completed form.
  5. Should there be offers received at exactly the same time and provided that they are already the ones being processed on the first-come first-serve queue, there will be bidding between the tied bidders to be set on an agreed time and date. Highest bidder wins.
  6. Confirmed buyers, and their spouses, will be asked to provide the following documents prior to payment (no requirements means no payment):
    • EMPLOYED (submit any two)
      • Certificate of Employment
      • Payslip
      • BIR Form 2316
      • DTI Certificate of Registration
      • Mayor's Permit
      • BIR Form 1701
      • Bank Certificate
      • Pension Documents ( SSS / GSIS )
      • See list at the back of Buyer's Information Sheet
  7. Buyers who back out from their winning bids will be blacklisted