1. Units sold on "AS IS-WHERE IS" Basis
2. Buyers can make an offer using the official Offer to Buy (OTB) form for all available cars listed regardless of where the car/unit is physically located.  However, it should be clearly indicated in the offer where the car is specifically located (ex. BMABB Chino Roces, BMABB Lipa etc).
3. All OTBs shall be submitted/hand carried or can be se sent via email/fax at the start of business hours (08:30 am) to the SAMS Customer Care Desk or BM Auto Best Buys offices nearest you.
4. Submission of Lot Sale Bids: December 11, 2018 from 8:30am to 12:00pm
> At 2:00pm, all bids received will be sorted
> Lots will be awarded to the highest bidder
> Each bidder may win a maximum of 6 lots only
> All bid offers should be “time-stamped” by SAMS Customer Care Desk or SAMS Retail Loan Center personnel to confirm the date and time of receipt, before bidder places it into the sealed drop box located at the SAMS Offices (Metro Manila and Provincial Retail Loan Centers)
5. Declaration of Lot Sale Winners is on December 11, 2018 at 2:00pm.
6. Lot Sale buyers must present the following to be eligible in the Lot Sale:
> Completely filled-out and duly signed Offer to Buy
> Duly signed Buyer’s Information Sheet and Related Party Transaction Forms
> DTI or SEC documents or Lease contract
> Latest proof of capacity to purchase