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Strategic Asset Management and Sales is one of the Philippines’ top sellers of foreclosed properties and lessor as well as of commercial spaces for value-conscious homebuyers, real estate investors, and business entities.

We offer a wide range of property choices for all types of buyers.

Our selection of foreclosed properties include House and Lots, Apartments, Townhouses, Condominium Units, Office Spaces, Buildings, Vacant Lots, Warehouses, Agricultural Lands, Industrial Sites, Vehicles, and Machineries and Equipment.

Green Tag, Yellow Tag, and Red Tag properties            
    Properties are classified as Green Tag, Yellow Tag, and Red Tag properties:

    - Green Tag: Whether as homebuyers, investors, or business entities buying a Buena Mano Green Tag property, you are assured of a value-for money purchase with flexible payment terms and an efficient and worry-free post-sale documentation process.

    - Yellow Tag: We also offer properties with "special concerns" which our Sales Team readily disclose to interested buyers

    - Red Tag: Our experienced Sales Team can assist you and provide win-win solutions for our Buena Mano Red Tag properties with legal concerns. We value your needs and concerns thus our commitment to transparency and full disclosure of all material information.

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Buena Mano Sales Team
Our highly-skilled and customer-friendly sales team can assist and provide solutions for all your property needs.

Strategic Asset Management and Sales is your preferred seller of foreclosed assets and other real properties with our prime focus on real estate and vehicles located in Metro Manila and across provinces in the Philippines. Our other assets for sale include machineries and equipment, and shares of stocks. We also lease out select office and business spaces located in key commercial areas nationwide.

Whether you pay us a visit for your inquiries, browse our inventory of properties, submit an offer for your preferred property, or refer an interested buyer (for accredited real estate brokers), our friendly Buena Mano sales team will always be there to attend to your needs.

When you deal with us, you are always assured of our extensive real property experience, technical competence, and professionalism -- because we value our business with you.

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